The National Iranian karate in Rome, posing in front of Roman ruins How does it feel to be the strongest team captain in the world now?

Earlier he had written on his Instagram page, the companion of the Roman driver, Atzei Bianca: “You have won my biggest challenge! Happy birthday love and thanks for making me understand that love is not always the same and that can be a wonderful “gift. Gasport

January 28, 2019 – Milan From left, Frederick Church (21 years), Manuel Locatelli (21) and Andrea Pinamonti (19) Lapresse / ANSA Young promises: who is the best Under 23 of the 21st day? Review Church VOTE VOTE Locatelli 58.3% 11.8% 29.9% Pinamonti VOTE THANKS FOR YOUR VOTE!

Review the ball back to the readers for the second survey “Young Promises” (the first was won by Zaniolo), great initiative signed Gazzetta dello Sport in partnership with Gillette, which aims to raise awareness of the best under 23 in Serie A, Italian and foreign . Within 14 tomorrow you can vote one of the talents that have been highlighted in the 21st day from a list of three candidates chosen by the editors. This week it’s all in the name of Italy.

Church (Fiorentina), Locatelli (Sassuolo) and Pinamonti (Frosinone) are three talents that with our own goals and performance have been involved in as many successes of their team. locatelli, rebirth – has opened in the first advance of the Sabbath Manuel Locatelli (21 years), author of the first of three goals at Cagliari from Sassuolo: the former AC Milan had not scored in the league for over three years, the unforgettable torpedo that sank the Juve at the San Siro on October 26, 2016. Church, first double – Frederick Church (21) has shouldered Fiorentina in the complicated victorious match in Verona against Chievo (4-3): two goals, the first in Serie a, after that in the Italian Cup in the second round against Torino just two weeks ago.

Pinamonti to hope – Andrea Pinamonti (19) scored the third of four goals with which to Frosinone Bologna has finally ditched Pippo Inzaghi. When marking the striker on loan from (had happened in Ferrara in the Spal 3-0 and a 1-1 draw at home against Fiorentina), the club takes giallobl├╣ points: Barons betting on him in the difficult run-salvation. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Gasport

October 21, 2017 – Aragon (Spain) Jonathan Rea Jonathan Rea in action (Kawasaki Racing Team) won the first race of the Spanish Grand Prix valid for the World Superbike, winning his first victory after he was crowned world champion of 2017. The northern Ireland won following a technical failure that struck the leader Marco Melandri ( Racing – Ducati) and got so his first ever victory at Jerez, in a race that saw two starts.

With this podium Rea Carl Fogarty equaled the highest number of podiums in the World, 109 head – Rea immediately took the lead on the track in Jerez, but when there were 13 laps to Marco Melandri at turn 9 took the lead in stable plant, while behind Davies and Rea have played a great duel for second place. The top 10 was completed by the pair of Milwaukee Aprilia team, Lorenzo Savadori and Eugene Laverty and Spanish Xavi Fores (BARNI Racing Team) and Roman Ramos (Kawasaki Team Go Eleven) – the seventh and tenth respectively.

At lap 13 Takumi Takahashi (Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team) he lost the front of his Honda CBR1000RR and finished sixteenth, while Davide Giugliano, another Honda rider, had to retire. double start – Race 1 had two start because the first lap ever there was an accident of Ayrton Badovini (Grillini Racing Team) and Raffaele de Rosa (BMW Althea Racing Team) at turn 6 that were being waved red flags . It was subsequently held on the fast track procedure for the starting grid and the race was restarted, without the presence of the two Italians. Race 2 will go on Sunday to the scene 13. Gasport

February 2, 2019 – Milan Poorshab in action during the last Asian Continental Championships Iran has been for years among the leading nations of the world karate. At the last World Championships in Madrid, the kumite team won a third consecutive title, not to mention that almost all the members have got a medal in the individual competition (1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze).

Among these laurels is that of Captain Zabiollah Poorshab, which once again left their important sign for the success of the country, going on the third step of the podium in the -84 kg. A champion on the mat (1 gold medal at the World Games, four world titles and three third places, one continental and 11 bronze medals in the international circuit more Premier League, ed.), An outside playful, but also a sex symbol.

Zabiollah Poorshab, captain of the Iranian national, is considered among the best karateka at the World From the players to swimmers, through volleyball and basketball players, an increasing number of sports that attract fans not only for their athletic achievements, but also for the glamor and statuesque physicality and Zabiollah is one example: now famous in Iran, even in Italy boasts many karateka who follow his exploits, but pay attention to let them out because that’s the fighter from security gives way to a shy smile. Even the warriors have a heart.

The Iranian men’s kumite team in Madrid, winner of the third world title of Zabiollah row, when you started practicing karate? “I was 8 years old and fond of all the martial 1xbet football arts such as judo or taekwondo, but near my house there was a karate gym and so … here I am.” You knew immediately that it would be your life? “The first to believe it was my father, I remember as a boy once told me: ‘You can win, you can become a champion in Iran.” And so it was that I won my first national title. Two years later he was my teacher told me that I had what it takes to win even outside, to get on the roof of the world. ” : Zabiollah Poorshab on the podium in Shanghai And they were right! “In 2005 I won the first world championship bronze in the cadet class, in 2007 came the world title in the juniors.

I was 17 the first time they called me in the national team, now at 30 am the captain of an incredible team that roof drops from 3 editions, that I could not be more proud. ” How important is it for you karate? “Very very much. It’s my first thought when I wake up. I come from a humble family, my father was a barber and my mother a housewife, karate gave me home, money, machines and popularity. I owe everything to this sport, which is why I reserve my full attention.

Just think, when I have to make a trip the first thing I pack is the karate-gi, through this discipline I have met many people around the world and many have become friends, just what happened during the Olympic Training Camp Rome, in fact I do not see already time to go back to Italy. ” Karate, Italy vs Iran and Brazil: find the differences Speaking of popularity, you know that to be very appreciated by women? You’re practically a sex symbol! “Even? – he laughs – “No, I did not know!”.

Before this interview I published on my company a picture with you and I have been inundated with messages of congratulations towards you, especially Italian. Admit it, you write in many! “Yes, it’s true. I often receive messages on social girls and I’m flattered. I thank you and … that’s all! – blushes – Italian women are beautiful, as well as men are fascinating, more are all friendly and nice. I found myself really well. ” You embarrassed!

On the tatami a safety monsters equal to none, you’re even too seriously, out instead they do not stop to smile and now it turns out that you are well shy. Who is really Zabiollah? “When I wear the karate-gi I become: I focus on my goal because I am a fighter and as such I want to win. At that time only it counts the sacrifice, training and desire to get ahead, no matter who I have before.

But outside’m a simple person like everyone else, I always smile because life is best taken with positivity. As soon as I step off the mat we are no longer adversaries but friends, have a playful “. The National Iranian karate in Rome, posing in front of Roman ruins How does it feel to be the strongest team captain in the world now? “It is a source of pride.

The most important thing is that I know I’m surrounded by guys who are not only incredible athletes, but also friends I can trust and on which I can always count on. I could not wish for better companions. When then together we raise to heaven the flag of our country and we feel the audience that “Iran” cries is an amazing feeling, it puts chills.